2022 Legislative Priorities

FIA's 2022 Legislative Priorities

epr legislation

ny privacy act

refining gig economy workers

Grocery stores, manufacturers and suppliers are not only the cornerstone of our communities, but of New York’s economy as whole. FIA is committed to representing the legislative, budgetary, and regulatory priorities of its members. We look forward to working with and holding lawmakers accountable as we move towards our shared goals of protecting, supporting, and growing the grocery industry in New York State.

consumer affairs

➢ Support SNAP Expansion
➢ Oppose drastic product regulations
➢ Oppose excessive state product labeling mandates
➢ Promote expansion of alcohol products sold in grocery stores

energy and environment

➢ Oppose burdensome Extended Producer Responsibility legislation/ unfair packaging bans
➢ Support technical fixes to plastic bag law

➢ Oppose Bottle Bill expansion
➢ Oppose Plastic Beverage Container Ban
➢ Oppose Enviro Citizens Lawsuit Legislation

tort reform

➢ Support Scaffold Law Reform
➢ Support Trespasser Liability Reform
➢ Oppose legislation creating private rights of action


➢ Strongly oppose implementation of NY Health Act
➢ Support Expansion of Pharmacist Services Legislation
➢ Support Regulation of PBMs
➢ Reject additional unfunded mandates
➢ Support Healthy Foods Campaign


➢ Oppose redefining of Independent Contractors
➢ Oppose unfair expansion of Paid Leave mandates
➢ Oppose Prevailing Wage Expansions
➢ Oppose Flexible Work Mandate
➢ Monitor Minimum wage mandates
➢ Oppose defining COVID19 as Occupational Disease

reg reform

➢ Promote changes in emergency rule making
➢ Support expansion of the “Open Meetings law” to mandate disclosure

taxation and finance

➢ Oppose onerous tax proposals to fix budget shortfall ➢ Oppose new tax on employers to fix UI shortfall
➢ Oppose Tax on Stock Transfers
➢ Oppose Increased taxes on Tobacco Products
➢ Support use of local economic factors with sales tax assessments


➢ Oppose Anti-Trust Legislation
➢ Oppose expansion of Food Vending permits in NYC
➢ Oppose NY Privacy Act and other costly cybersecurity measures