Retailer Benefits



As a retail member

There are countless material benefits to being a FIA member, but none are more important than being a part of a unified grocery community. Together, we are able to have an outsized impact on the industry at-large and the communities we serve. We hope you agree that deepening your connection to the New York’s grocery community is a worthy endeavor for your business and professional career. 

Allowing you to focus on what you do best

Running a business is complicated enough without worrying about the latest piece of legislation introduced in Albany or how to keep up with a fast-changing industry. Whether you are an independent grocer or retail chain, let us take the load off you.

Voice in Goverment

Our team of in-house lobbyists and public affairs strategists work to foster a political landscape in which New York's grocery community can thrive. From New York City to the State Capitol, our team tracks thousands of bills, regulations and ordinances each year while mitigating harmful legislation and nurturing policies to the industry's benefit.

Connect with your peers

Celebrating 123 years, FIA has served as a waypoint for New York's grocery community. Our events assemble the sharpest minds from the industry, creating a network through which our members can build their careers and improve their businesses.

FIA offers its members a comprehensive advocacy program, industry-leading communications, media relations representation, relationship-building networking and educationally and training opportunities.